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Bee Products For Sale

Spring Honey Bee Nucleus Hive for Sale

Nucleus Colonies

Five Frame Over Winter Nucleus Colonies
Carniolan Caucasian Hybrid Bees
Three Frames of Brood,

Two Frames of Food,
and Laying Queen from Prior

Available for Pre-Order Now!
$25 Deposit (Non-Refundable)
$225 on Day of Pickup (Cash Only)

Pickup Date Approx. 2nd to 3rd Week of May 2024

Small Size Spring Honey

Spring and Fall Honey

(1 lb), (1.5 lb), and (2.5lb)

Coming Soon

Cream Honey

Cream Honey

Crystallized Spring Honey

Bee Pollen

Honey Bee Pollen

Pollen Collected from
New England Honey Bees