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Meet the Beekeeper

My Story

My name is Leonardo Henriquez, but my friends just call me Leo. I’m the founder and owner of Royal Queens Apiaries, LLC. Ever since I was a small boy growing up in Cuba, I’ve always found my purpose in a hard day’s work. Whether it was biking several miles up steep hills just to get to school everyday, working long hours as a carpenter, or getting first place in the NH state trapshooting competition for the ATA, I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge.

Taking care of my beehives throughout southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts has become a passion of mine in recent years. When I go out to watch my bee colonies, I can’t help but be fascinated by their industrious nature. Every bee has its duties to carry out so that the hive survives. I think if everyone took some notes from these buzzing flying insects, there would be a lot less problems and more productivity in the world today.